From Animator to Millionaire: Joe Brumm Net Worth

Joe Brumm, an Australian animator and writer, has a net worth of $10 Million

His claim to fame lies in the creation, writing, and directing of the popular Australian animated children’s show “Bluey.”

Before this, Brumm contributed as an animator to various British animated children’s series like “Charlie and Lola,” “Tinga Tinga Tales,” and “Peppa Pig.”

Additionally, he has directed several animated short films, such as “Causes” and “The Meek.”

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Animated children’s television

Animated children’s television is a rich and imaginative genre that captivates, educates, and motivates young viewers worldwide.

Among the standout examples from Australia and beyond are:


Created by Joe Brumm, “Bluey” is a remarkable Australian children’s animation that has garnered global acclaim for its quality and appeal.

The Owl House:

This fantasy series follows a girl who stumbles upon a magical realm within a library, forming bonds with a witch and a demon in the process.

Adventure Time:

Distant Lands: A miniseries that extends the adventures of Finn and Jake in the enchanting Land of Ooo.

For more fantastic animated children’s content, explore listings of children’s animated television series from the 2020s or browse platforms like Netflix or HBO Max, offering a diverse selection of animated movies and shows tailored to kids of various ages and preferences.

Australian animation

Australian animation has a rich and diverse history, contributing significantly to the global animation industry. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Early History: Australian animation began in the early 20th century with animated advertisements and experimental films.
  • Growth: The industry has grown to produce award-winning animated shorts, television series, and feature-length films.
  • Global Contributions: Australian studios have worked on effects for major international projects, including Marvel and DC films, and have produced acclaimed video games like “Florence” and “Hollow Knight”.
  • Education: Institutions like Griffith University offer specialized courses in animation, nurturing new talent.
  • Notable Works: “Bluey,” created by Joe Brumm, is a standout example of successful Australian children’s animation that has gained international popularity.

Joe Brumm Biography

Fact Details
Net Worth Joe Brumm Net Worth $10 Million
Known For Creating, writing, and directing the Australian animated children’s television series “Bluey”
Achievements “Bluey” achieved commercial success and critical acclaim internationally
Birthplace Winton, Queensland, Australia (Late 1970s or early 1980s)
Education Studied animation at Griffith University
Career Highlights – Worked as an animator on British animated children’s shows<br>- Established Studio Joho in Brisbane, 2009<br>- Created “Bluey” as an Australian version of Peppa Pig<br>- Directed animated short films “Causes” and “The Meek”
Awards Received multiple awards for work on “Bluey”
Recognition – Named Griffith University’s Outstanding Alumnus (October 2021)<br>- Named a Queensland Great (June 2023)
Notable Works – “Bluey”
Premiere Dates – Premiered on ABC Kids in Australia in 2018<br>- Premiered on Disney Junior in the United States in 2019 

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